Parcel Service

Corporate delivery

Lotte Global Logistics leads Korea’s parcel delivery market
with the fastest, most accurate and best service.
Corporate Delivery

Lotte Global Logistics provides the largest operation scale
in Korea by boasting 15 hub terminals,
39 local branches and over 1,000 local agencies that are
strategically situated on a nationwide basis in key locations.
Our approximately 7,000 parcel services professionals
receive more than 200 hours of training per year prior to
active field work and have earned a widespread reputation
for excellent customer satisfaction.

  • B2C parcel delivery

    Lotte Global Logistics will handle all your company’s logistics service needs and enhance your competitiveness by offering the best logistics and network system available in Korea. You can track and monitor the status of each delivery dispatch in real time 24hours a day through our up-to-date cargo tracking system.

  • Parcel delivery for clothing

    Lotte Global Logistics is proud to offer parcel delivery service for clothing of the highest caliber. We realize customer satisfaction by completing timely and error-free delivery to department stores and clothing shops nationwide, which is very important for your company, therefore we can meet your expectation with unique Lotte Global Logistics services, such as morning delivery as well as quality inspection.

  • Parcel delivery for specialty products

    Lotte Global Logistics delivers the freshness of specialty products from regions all over the country directly to the dinner tables at the home of customers through its expertise in parcel delivery gained over 20 years and exclusive network for specialty products. We hope you can enjoy the distinctive services that contain the pride of Lotte Global Logistics.