Port Service


With state-of-the-art automation systems equipment and professional human resources,
Lotte Global Logistics is leading Korea’s harbor terminal operations in a new way.
Port Logistics

Lotte Global Logistics fully meets the expectations of forwarders with state-of-the-art equipment and systems at
Busan New Port which has recently emerged as a container terminal hub. We provide customers with prompt
and accurate services through the seamless performance of a continuum of services ranging from transportation
to storage as well as the loading and unloading of all types of cargo, such as containers, steel products and
other heavy cargo with up-to-date loading/unloading equipment and a variety of heavy equipment.

Providing CFS Service

CFS (Container Freight Station) refers a designated place to take cargo to be shipped from a shipper or to deliver the cargo to the
shipper, such as a shipping company, and we also offer delivery service of the cargo to the bonded shipyard or owner with a safe,
accurate, and prompt process.

Busan New Port Facility

Section Content Remark
Length of berth 1,150m (3 berth) Class of 50k tons
Area 553,000㎡ (167,000 Pyeong)
Depth 16~17m
Yard Yearly Handling Capacity 200 Million TEU
Storage Capacity 56,225 TEU
Reefer Plug 1,300 Units
Facility Gate Total 9 lanes (In:4, Out:3, Changeable:1, OOG:1)
CFS 1 building