Domestic Container Service

Domestic Container Service

We provide a fast and accurate import and export container transportation service.

Intermodal Service

Intermodal service is a container domestic transportation system utilizing various transportation means. We provide safe and efficient import and export container transportation service through the use of container-exclusive pier, yard, and bonded storage.

Lotte Global Logistics provides Total Logistics Solution that connects the entire country to realize customer’s best value by using various infrastructures and up-to-date transportation system.

  • Transportation Service

    Lotte Global Logistics reduces the logistics expenses of its customers through an economical and fine-tuned domestic transportation service that is based on a highly efficient transportation system and a total logistics solution network linking each step of the transportation process.

    • Inland Trucking Service
    • Domestic Rail Service
    • CY & CFS Service
    • Container M&R Service
    • Custom’s Clearance Service
  • Total Logistics Service

    Lotte global Logistics’ container domestic transportation service provides a total logistics service platform which link the entire country though an up-to-date domestic transportation system that offers optimized transportation mode and route connection.
    By using various transportation means and container exclusive pier, yard and bonded storage, we provide safe and efficient import and export container transportation service through optimized transportation mode and routes.

Logistics Network Service

We provide total transportation service optimized for customer’s need though the use of the best logistics infrastructure.

Logistics Network Service Map

[Unit: ㎡ / TEU]

AREA AREA(㎡) Capacity
Metropolitan area Uiwang ICD 26,066 1,666 1,680 Flat wagons : 42
Reach Stacker : 4
Chassis : 133
Central-inland belt Okcheon Depot 5,451 400 Reach Stacker : 1
Yeongnam belt Lotte COSCO 13,116 16,870 300 Reach Stacker : 1
Forklift : 2
Noksan ODCY 33,058 2,784 Reach Stacker : 3
Chassis : 88
Honam belt Gwangyang CY 26,791 13,265 2,207 Reach Stacker : 1
Forklift : 8
Chassis : 12