Ethical Management

Conduct Code

To fulfill social responsibility and seek common interests
with stakeholders.
  • 1
    We create the value that can maximize the benefits of our customers and shareholders.
    • With the belief that customers are the foundation of company establishment, we respect the opinions of our customers and strive to create the value the customers want.
    • With customer-oriented management activities, we base all of our decision-making process and behaviors of the executives and staff on profit to the customers.
  • 2
    We build mutually trustworthy and respectable organizational culture.
    • We do not engage in any verbal, physical, or visual activities that can offend others.
    • We respect the privacy of individuals, and do not engage in the activities of unreasonable discrimination or malicious slandering.
    • We break the barriers within the organization, and create the organizational atmosphere that is mutually cooperative through smooth communication.
  • 3
    We respect social norms and keep the honor of being a person from Lotte Global Logistics Corp.
    • As an exemplary member of the society, we take the first step in all social contribution activities, including social service.
    • We keep the dignity as a part of Lotte Global Logistics Corp. and a staff of Lotte Global Logistics Corp., and in relation to the performance of the duties, we do not engage in any unethical act that can be criticized from the society.
    • We do not engage in activities such as tax evasion, accounting fraud, and environmental pollution that can cause social scandal, and we do not do business activities with unethical companies.
  • 4
    We protect important information of the company, and share the useful information.
    • The non-disclosed or important information of the company, customers, and subcontractors should be kept strictly confidential.
    • Useful information should be delivered to the relevant staff in charge immediately after awareness.
    • Intentional distribution of distorted information and false reporting of manipulation of documents and numbers are prohibited.
  • 5
    We do not take personal profit by using the company’s assets or information.
    • We or others do not take wrongful advantage with the information about the company, customers, or subcontractors acquired during the period of employment in the company.
    • The budget of the company should be executed in transparent and efficient manner.
    • We do not engage in the acts that cause loss of company assets or interferes with the performance of the duties such as embezzlement (usage), taking away of articles, and personal usage of company assets.
  • 6
    In relation to our work, we do not engage in unfair practices with our stakeholders.
    • In the process of carrying out the duties of the company, we do not close contracts with the name of himself/herself or his/her relatives for delivery or subcontracting. (However, cases of obtaining prior approval from the Ethics Management Team with the same terms and conditions as other contractors are exceptions.)
    • We do not engage in cash reception/payment, cash loans, or work requests that can cause interference in performing duties with stakeholders (a person or group in or with the potential to engage in business with the company).
    • We do not provide or accept any money or valuables except for souvenirs and gifts that are within common sense.
    • We do not provide or accept entertainment or conveniences to stakeholders that are beyond common sense, or even if it is inevitable, we do not carry out any acts that are prohibited by the regulations of the party receiving the benefit.
    • We do not notify family events to the stakeholders who may be affected in work, and even if the money for family events was received, it should be at a socially acceptable level with the purpose of mutual help.
    • We do not provide money or valuables directly or indirectly to the third party, who may have influence on one or more public officials, to gain or maintain business profits.
    • We do not offer, promise, or provide monetary or other benefits to anyone to gain business profit, nor do we pay remuneration for improper exercise of power or activities.
  • 7
    We comply with sound and fair trade order.
    • We shall make efforts to make all transactions transparent and fair in mutually equal positions, and consult thoroughly on the transaction conditions and procedures.
    • We respect lawful rights of subcontractors, and do not request for any types of reward or wrongful acts by taking advantage of superiority in position.
  • 8
    We protect the environment and do not waste resource.
    • We comply with all laws related to the environment in carrying out the duties of the company, and actively take part in the environmental protection campaigns.
    • We strive to protect the environment and preserve resources through steady research and technology development.
  • 9
    As individuals in global logistics industry, we respect the cultures and customs of all regions and countries.
    • We acknowledge the ethical conflict due to differences in culture and traditions among the countries, and make efforts to resolve this problem fairly.
    • As a corporate citizen of the country concerned, we respect the laws and practices of the country, and contribute toe development of the local community.
  • 10
    We do our best to establish ethical corporate culture.
    • The executives and staff shall faithfully comply with to the Code of Ethics as a basis for action and value judgment.
    • In case of acknowledging that the acts of you or others have violated the Code of Ethics, you should notify the Ethics Management Team.
    • For the effective operation of the Code of Conduct, additional criteria shall be established if necessary.