Warehouse Service


We, Lotte Global Logistics Co., Ltd, proudly provide all kinds of logistics serivces both to
domestic and international customers for their burgeoning e-commerce business by
professionally connecting their needs with the available market platforms and channels.
e-commerce Fulfillment service

The optimal e-commerce fullfilment is what we are as an
industry leader and through which we can assure our
customers that their purchase order can be seemlessly
linked with an express delivery service instantly and
without any fail.

Through an automation and IT integration in such areas as
product registration, purchase order, packing, delivery and
customer services, we have bulit up a strong capacity in our
E commerce fullfilment center where even such
sophisticated services as "personalized consumption" and
"small orders in various kinds" can be easily met to the full
expectation of our customers.

Fullfillment service

Fulfillment flow