Safety Environment Management

Safety Environment Management

The Leader in Safety Logistics

We strengthen the competitiveness in the global market
by establishing prior preventive system for thorough management
of safety environment in import and export cargo and workplace, and
actively applying this to provide first-class complex logistics service.


Safety inspection of business establishments


  • 1

    Self-safety inspection

    • - Operating a consultation body on safety and heath [with partner companies (once a month)]: walk around inspection of business establishments (once a week), joint inspection of safety and health (once a quarter)
    • - Safety inspection by supervisors: fire fighting, electricity, field safety, etc. (once a day)

    *Checking and continually managing the above contents in a Q.C.S inspection of safety and environmental innovation sector

  • 2

    LGL inspection of safety and environmental innovation sector

    • ① Safety management inspection of the overall logistics business
      • - Construction, facilities, equipment, occupational safety, document management, etc.
      • - Distribution of inspection standards and manual (which reflect laws and regulations related to logistics operation)

      *Q.C.S inspection: carried out in all business places twice a year

    • ② Special safety inspection
      • - Special inspection: special inspection during national holidays, inspection of a new business place and a changed construction site
      • - Concentrated inspection: inspection of occupational safety, inspection of electricity and fire-fighting facilities
      • - Seasonal inspection: inspection during summer (of storm and flood damage), inspection during winter (for fire prevention)

Occupational safety consulting

Improvement of logistics site

    • 1. Improvement of sites

      • - Analyzing and improving risk factors according to work types
    • 2. Support to partner companies

      • - Offering and checking standards for occupational safety management
    • 1. Safety management of conveyor belts

      • - Responding to a statutory inspection (once in two years)
      • - Making and distributing a manual of standardization
    • 2. Safety improvement of forklifts

      • - Rear view cameras and fog lamps for forklifts
      • - Introducing LED forklifts safety lights

Improvement of environment in business establishments

  • Electricity, fire fighting, buildings, etc.

    We directly carry out construction and support business so that overall facilities such as electricity, fire fighting and buildings perform an optimal function in logistics operation.

  • Environment improvement (including office and staff lounge)

    We continue to improve the environment to offer a comfortable working environment for all people (such as customers, our company, partner companies) working in the logistics business.