Warehouse Service

Warehouse lease & operation

We promise to elevate your logistics competitiveness
to a higher level with Lotte Global Logistics outstanding W&D service.
W&D(Warehouse & Distribution) service

Lotte Global Logistics offers state-of-the-art comprehensive
logistics service to customers through the best SCM
in the country.
We offer a consulting service by logistics professionals to
innovatively improve business owner’s current logistics
process and to realize efficient logistics operations and
cost saving.

  • Food distribution / Agency for franchise logistics
    • Nation-wide Cold Chain service
    • Placing order and order management to delivery/return services provided
    • Efficient pickup by using up-to-date pickup system
      (DPS, DAS and DPC, etc.)
    • Vehicle temperature control and night-shift unmanned delivery support services
  • Cooling delivery service
    • Built the sole metropolitan cooling delivery network in Korea (delivery of anniversary day cake, wine, and meat)
    • Support cold-chain delivery of on-line store products in case of
      agency of franchise logistics
  • Providing custom-tailored network of specialized logistics
    • Room/low temperature automated cargo service in Jeju Island
    • CPG/household items/cosmetics/food and beverage/clothing, etc.
    • Operated transportation & delivery network linking 23 bases nationwide
  • Warehouse inventory management service
    • Accurate management of operation such as incoming/outgoing, storage, moving, rework, etc.
    • Management applying First in First out/shelf-life through location management
    • Providing a custom-tailored system through cutting-edge WMS
    • One-stop logistics service through ASN, OMS interface
  • Consulting service 1. Design logistics network
    • Analyze and redesign logistics network to respond to external environment change
    • Support decision-making on base and build proceeding plan through a simulation method
    2. Improve efficiency of transportation & delivery operation
    • Improve the transportation & delivery process through TVA
      (Transportation Value Assessment) methodology
    • Develop scenarios based on operation plans and results analysis for each scenario
    3. Design process of logistics center
    • Improve operation process and productivity
    • Applying new and advanced logistics facilities and equipment to logistics centers
  • Logistics service specialized to health care products
    • Specialized logistics service for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, H&B, and health functional food
    • Hospital-exclusive cost and inventory management and
      hospital distribution service through exclusive staff
    • Providing own-developed medical distribution specialized
      system and health care specialized IT system using WMS
    • Providing SOP and WI solution utilizing QMS
  • Distribution Service
    • Agency service of purchasing food materials
    • Sales/distribution service of auto parts
  • Product retail/wholesale distribution business
    • Operation of sales and distribution agency (23 sales bases in operation nationwide)
    • retail product sale service (Direct Route Sale)
    • Wholesale store supply service
  • Packing and Moving Service 1.General Cargo Moving
    • Moving Drayage Service (Domestic and Overseas)
    • Moving Service for Offices & Government offices
    • Storage Service
    2.Special Cargo Moving
    • Packing & Moving Service for Heavy Cargo
    • Moving Service for Plant & Heavy Equipment
    • Moving Service for Exhibition items (provide non-stop service)
    3.Packing Service
    • Packing Service for Import/Export cargo
    • Packing Service for Inland Transportation