We promise to elevate your logistics competitiveness
to a higher level with Lotte Global Logistics outstanding Warehouse service.

Lotte Global Logistics offers state-of-the-art comprehensive
logistics service to customers through the best SCM
in the country.
We offer a consulting service by logistics professionals to
innovatively improve business owner’s current logistics
process and to realize efficient logistics operations and
cost saving.

  • Food distribution / Agency for franchise logistics
    • Nation-wide Cold Chain service
    • POffering various services: from order and order management to delivery and return
    • Efficient picking through high-tech sorting facilities such as DPS, DAS, and DPCVehicle temperature control and night-shift
    • unmanned delivery support services
  • Offering a tailored and specialized logistics network
    • Jeju room temperature and low temperature automatic freight service
    • Consumer package goods (CPG), daily necessaries, cosmetic products, food and beverage, clothes, etc.
    • Operating a transportation and delivery network connected to 23 bases in Korea
  • Service for managing stocks in warehouses
    • Management applying first in, first out and expiration date through location management
    • Offering a tailored system for customers by using the most advanced WMS
    • One-stop logistics service through ASN, OMS interface
  • Logistics service specialized to health care products
    • Specialized logistics service for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, H&B, and health functional food
    • Hospital-exclusive cost and inventory management and
      hospital distribution service through exclusive staff
    • Providing own-developed medical distribution specialized
      system and health care specialized IT system using WMS
    • Providing SOP and WI solution utilizing QMS
  • Distribution service
    • Grocery procurement service
    • Service for distributing and selling auto parts
  • Wholesale and retail distribution of products
    • Operating agencies for distribution and sale (23 sale bases in South Korea)
    • Service for selling products of retailers (direct route sales)
    • Service for supplying products to wholesalers

Contact Information

Service Main contact name Contact
SCM(Warehouse) KWONMO YANG manager +82-2-2170-3367