Ethical Management

Ethics Code

We fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to our customers,
executives and staff, shareholders, the country and the society,
the global society, and conservation of environment.


Lotte Global Logistics Co., Ltd. seeks to provide the best quality service in the industry to its global customers and carries out its responsibilities and obligations for the maintenance of its customers, employees, shareholders, state and society as well as the international community and the environment. Employees of Lotte Logistics are ethical.Recognizing the legitimacy of the times of law-abiding management, the company pursues the joint interests of customers and all stakeholders on the basis of free and fair competition, and establishes the code of ethics to maintain the company's honor and personal dignity as a Lotte Logic (stock) person with pride and pride.

Basic Spirit

  • 1
    For Customers We consider and decide all management activities from the customer's perspective, and strive to create customer value with an honest and sincere attitude, under the recognition that the customer is the foundation for the company's existence.
  • 2
    For employees The company recognizes that the executives and employees are the best value, treats them fairly according to their achievements and abilities, and strives to improve the quality of their lives by creating an optimal working environment for individual creativity.
  • 3
    For Shareholders We protect shareholders' interests by realizing sound profits through efficient management activities and business processes, and strive to maximize shareholder value.
  • 4
    For the company As a sound social person, we are committed to self-development and recognize that Lotte Global Logistics is the home of our life and do not do anything to debase or degrade the company's reputation and values.
  • 5
    For the sake of the state and society Recognizing Lotte Global Logistics as the backbone of the national logistics industry, we strive to contribute to the development of the national economy through sound growth through rational business operations, and contribute to the rich life and social development of the people.
  • 6
    For the sake of the international community We respect the culture and traditions of all the regions and countries in management activities and abide by the laws and regulations
  • 7
    For the sake of the environment We do our best to protect the health and safety of the people by preventing environmental pollution and striving to preserve and improve the global environment.