International Logistics Service

International express

We provide prompt customs clearance and accurate delivery service
of import and export of overseas e-commerce goods, parcel,
and samples, etc. to and from major areas of the world.
International express Homepage You can use services such as international courier tracing
/ Registration of customs information, etc.
International delivery shortcut
  • International express

    We implement speedy customs clearance and accurate transportation of overseas import/export e-commerce items,
    personal parcels and samples in major global countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, the
    UK, France, and Germany. In particular, Lotte Global Logistics run a 2,600-pyeong-scale independent special
    delivery logistics center inside the customs clearance service fields in Incheon International Airport to provide on-stop
    clearance service including import/export declaration, x-ray scanning, quarantines, and inspections.

  • Ocean freight forwarding

    We are providing Ocean freight service using car ferries between Incheon port and ports in China (Weihai etc.)
    to save logistics cost for customers.

  • GDC (Global Distribution Center)

    We have established e-commerce GDC in base areas such as Incheon, Hong Kong, and Singapore and provide
    comprehensive logistics service which include storage, inventory management, packing, customs clearance,
    international express service, etc.

International express process flow

International express process flow
  • Overseas purchasing agent delivery L/T: 2-3 Days
  • Development of same day delivery service
  • Free SMS tracking Status Service
  • Network in 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia, North America, etc.
  • Owned bonded storage facility
  • Domestic transportation network through Lotte (Post Office) parcel service