Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Lotte Global Logistics has established and operated a compliance management system to prevent and minimize risks by asking all executives and staff to comply thoroughly with related laws and regulations, such as fair trade, anti-corruption, and industrial safety, when they perform their duties.

What is “Compliance”?

Compliance means an internal control device that allows corporate management to comply with statutes, regulations, ethics, and social norms. It protects a company from internal factors and external stimuli and helps the company avoid risks by having its members conform to internal control.

  • Compliance is essentially fulfilled by the personal behaviors of executives and staff
    → It is required to strengthen perception on compliance of company members and spread a compliance culture
  • Building a compliance system is not a one-off project but a continuous operation process
    → Continuous training, monitoring, and improvement are required

Lotte Global Logistics’ Charter of Compliance Management

Under the mission of ‘offering beloved, trusted products and services and contributing abundant lives of humankind,’ Lotte Global Logistics aims to grow into a company that is loved by people and exercises social responsibility and promises to the following charter of compliance management.

Article 1 (Courses of action for executives and staff)

  1. ① We perform our duties responsibly in an honest and faithful attitude and establish a company culture where members respect and trust each other.
  2. ② We increase the company’s value through transparent and efficient management and do our best to maximize the legitimate profits of the shareholders.
  3. ③ We put top priority on customer satisfaction and provide the best quality products and services that customers want.
  4. ④ We build a fair and clean trade order with our partner companies and seek mutual development by strengthening partnerships.
  5. ⑤ We respect our competitors, comply with relevant laws and regulations and commercial practices, and pursue fair and free competition.
  6. ⑥ We, as an environmentally friendly company, strive for sustainable development and contribute to the preservation of the earth and the prosperity of humankind.
  7. ⑦ We fulfill the social responsibility of companies by complying with the law and contributing to national and social interests.
  8. ⑧ We respect human rights and strive to protect the weak with love and respect for people as our core values.

Article 2 (duties and responsibilities of executives and staff)

  1. ① We ourselves shall be a role model about the strictest ethical standards and build and maintain a culture where reliability, honesty, and mutual respect are observed.
  2. ② We shall acquaint and understand enough relevant laws, company policies, and internal regulations (“relevant regulations”) and continuously check compliance with relevant regulations when conducting our daily business.
  3. ③ When we cannot decide what response is appropriate in a specific situation, we shall discuss with our superiors and the compliance support department and make the best legal and ethical conclusions.
  4. ④ When we become aware that relevant regulations are violated, we shall take appropriate measures to identify swiftly and prevent unfair acts, and when we cannot act ethically on behalf of the company or when we perceive such a situation, we shall discuss this with the compliance support department.

Article 3 (duties and responsibilities of the company)

  1. ① In order to ensure fair and clean performance of duties, the company shall thoroughly remind all executives and staff of relevant regulations and implement compliance education regularly.
  2. ② The company shall build a management system so that executives and staff appropriately inspect or check compliance with relevant regulations by themselves and manage and supervise whether it is regularly performed.
  3. ③ The company shall protect executives and staff who have reported violations of relevant regulations or suspected violations and shall not give any disadvantage.
  4. ④ When the company recognizes some executives and staff have violated relevant regulations, it shall take appropriate measures to the executives and staff and hold them responsible.

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