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Dear customers

롯데로지스틱스 대표이사 강병구
Since its establishment in 1996, LOTTE Global Logistics has contributed to the development of the national logistics industry and has grown into one of Korea's leading comprehensive logistics companies.

LOTTE Global Logistics provides the best logistics services to our customers through strong domestic and international business networks based on our differentiated expertise in logistics and excellent IT capabilities.

With over 1,000 domestic locations, we are advancing rapid and accurate courier services, efficient and customized SCM services covering all industries, and global logistics services including maritime, air, land, and port operations. By enhancing customer competitiveness and contributing to the development of the national logistics industry, we are driving the expansion of logistics territories worldwide.

In the future, LOTTE Global Logistics aims to lead the global logistics market and drive change as a premier logistics company. We will achieve this through pioneering customer differentiation, driving breakthrough growth via innovation and adaptation, strengthening core business competitiveness, and enhancing the sophistication of our logistics network, all geared towards significant advancements.

LOTTE Global Logistics will provide services that meet customer needs through innovation, create value and synergy in various industries, and continuously provide value to diverse stakeholders and local communities.

We will continue to ask for your generous support and encouragement in the future.

Thank you.