ESG Management

ESG Management System

Lotte Global Logistics strives to achieve the vision of a “global logistics company” by fulfilling its social,
economic, and environmental responsibility based on ESG management strategies and goals.

Introduction to the ESG Committee

The ESG Committee is responsible for formulating the company’s ESG strategies and policies, checking their progress, and providing advice about them. It also monitors the progress of the seven main tasks based on ESG strategies and plays a role as the top decision-making body that ensures the fulfillment of ESG management.


  • ◆Decision making about establishment of ESG strategies and policies
  • ◆ Monitoring the progress of the main ESG tasks
  • ◆ Discussing other ESG management matters delegated by the board of directors


  • ◆Chairman: Director Lee Gigwon (the former minister of Employment and Labor)
  • ◆ Commissioner: Director Hyeon Byeongeon, Director Choi Byeongil, Director Choi Myeongho

Organizational system for promotion of ESG