SCM(Transport & Shipping)

We offer transport services through the best transport mode.
  • TransportService for transporting products between logistics hubs by using large vehicles
  • ShippingService for delivering products to customers by using small vehicles
  • General freight transportation service

    We select the optimal modes of transportation services that best
    suits the properties of freight, considering the size, form and
    weight of the relevant freight. From planning logistics strategies
    to the required resource planning, Lotte Global Logistics takes care of
    all the logistics operations required for shipping. We also customer’s individual needs.

  • Logistics service for goods and products

    Entrusted for the care of goods and products by their owners,
    we provide overall logistics management services covering order
    management, delivery, installation, returning, collecting, storage,
    stevedoring/unloading of goods, and related information processes.

  • Packaging service

    Packaging makes handling easier and keeps products
    protected for the duration of the shipping process including
    transportation, storage, stevedoring/unloading, sales, and use.
    Lotte Global Logistics offers packaging services for both
    domestic and export transportation.

  • Special (Oversized and heavy) freight transportation

    Using specialized equipment, Lotte Global Logistics offers an
    integrated service for the safe, reliable and prompt delivery of
    large and/or heavy freights such as industrial materials and
    munitions that require tailored transportation equipment.

  • Factory and industry equipment relocation

    With expertise and experience, Lotte Global Logistics provides
    a comprehensive relocation service which includes the
    disjointing, moving, installing, and test operation of industrial
    machines and heavy goods.

  • Oil products and petrochemicals transportation

    With a variety of tank lorries and other equipment at its
    disposal, Lotte Global Logistics is able to transport dangerous
    articles, oil products and petrochemicals that require special
    and careful transportation, in a more efficient and safe manner.

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SCM(Transport & Shipping) KWONMO YANG manager +82-2-2170-3367