Social Contribution

Social Contribution

Lotte Global Logistics established “Charlotte Volunteer Group,” a social contribution organization in which all executives and staff participate, and is striving to fulfill warm sharing and service and communicating with the local community.

Lotte Global Logistics is leading the culture of mutual growth, cooperation, and sharing with the local community with the voluntary participation by the executives and staff with the agreement with the Korean Red Cross, UNICEF, Multicultural Family Support Center, international relief group World Share, Good Neighbors, the Snail of Love, and welfare organizations in the local communities. Lotte Global Logistics will continue its contribution to the growth and development of the local community, and will step forward to make the world abundant.

  • Breadmaking Activity with the Korean Red Cross

    Lotte Global Logistics Charlotte Volunteer Group is making snack sets with bread and cakes at the Korean Red Cross Volunteer Work Center, and shares them with the local community by delivering them to local child centers and welfare centers.
  • Love-sharing Volunteer Work with UNICEF

    With UNICEF, Lotte Global Logistics Charlotte Volunteer Group is doing various volunteer activities like making Awoo dolls for children around the world who are being threatened by diseases.
  • Love-sharing Volunteer Work with World Share

    Lotte Global Logistics Charlotte Volunteer Group, together with the international relief group World Shares, is actively involved in sharing activities by producing items like donation shoes, malaria-prevention natural soaps, and eco bags of love for children in underdeveloped countries.
  • Mom’s Edubox Making Project

    By developing and delivering education material kits with the international relief development NGO organization Good Neighbors and offering scholarships, Lotte Global Logistics Charlotte Volunteer Group is supporting children from low-income families for them to have dreams.                                                                               
  • Regularly-scheduled Volunteer Work with Local Communities

    Lotte Global Logistics Charlotte Volunteer Group is leading the mutual growth and cooperation with the local communities by doing nationwide volunteer activities with the connection with local welfare organizations.
  • Expense Paid for Cochlear Implant Surgery for Children with Hearing Impairment

    Lotte Global Logistics Charlotte Volunteer Group signed an agreement with the Snail of Love Foundation and is delivering the voice of hope by sponsoring cochlear implant surgeries for children with hearing impairment.