ESG Management

ESG Management System

Lotte Global Logistics strives to achieve the vision of a “global logistics company” by fulfilling its social,
economic, and environmental responsibility based on ESG management strategies and goals.

Strategies for promotion of ESG

ESG is an abbreviation for environment, social responsibility, and governance, which are non-financial factors that affect business. With “ESG management,” Lotte Global Logistics leads the way to protect the environment, strives for various social contribution activities, and thoroughly complies with laws and codes of ethics when managing the company

ESG Strategies System Chart


Delivering sustainable values to future generations

ESG Strategies

Green Logistics 2040
Fulfillment of
social responsibility
to customers and employees
ESG leader of
the domestic
logistics industry

Seven Main ESG Tasks

Building infrastructure to strengthen ESG capabilities
Eco-friendly logistics solutions based on digital transformation
Striving to reduce industrial waste and carbon emissions
Establishing a safety and health-centered working environment
Strengthening ESG support to customers and society
Striving to actively communicate abroad
Building supply chain ESG management capabilities