Lotte Global Logistics realizes optimal commissioned logistics service
and rationalization of logistics through the advanced
W&T system.

WCS (Warehouse Control System)

Lotte Global Logistics is leading the cutting-edge IT technology with automatic and integrated distribution equipment control system synching with WMS.

Warehouse Control System

WMS (Warehousing Management System)

Lotte Global Logistics WMS (Warehousing Management System) is based on EXE Technology.
This system provides the best available logistics services including ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice), warehouse incoming/outgoing, warehousing, picking,
inventory, and Cross Dock management for freights committed to the company’s logistics centers.

Warehousing Management System

OMS (Order Management System)

For prompt processing of customer orders, Lotte Global Logistics developed an OMS (Order Management System) using EDI transaction,
DPS (Digital Picking System), and a service linked to WMS.

Order Management System

TMS (Transportation Management System)

Lotte Global Logistics operates the vehicle fleet system for the innovation of transportation management.
In particular, transportation management in SCM performs the essential function of connecting with OMS and WMS in the execution area.

Transportation Management System