Forwarding Service

Air Freight Forwarding

Integrated Cyber Logistics System, worldwide

Cyber Logistics System

Customized service for customers using combined transportation through batch processing of the Global Logistics System as a cyber logistics system.

Integrated Cyber Logistics System / ONE-STOP SERVICE

With links to logistic communities through an extensive online network and integrated computing system, Lotte Global Logistics is able to handle the transportation, customs clearance, insurance, and accounts of your logistics in a more technical and accurate manner.
Through our one-stop cyber service, documentation can be sent out to you and to necessary parties over the internet, saving your time and work.

사이버물류 / ONE-STOP SERVICE 흐름도
  • Issue

    You can pick up your B/L at the bank and receive it directly to your office.

  • Search Ship and flight Schedules

    Look online for the most convenient ship and flight schedules for delivery.

  • Request Estimates and Reserve Cargo Space

    You can request export or import estimates and make cargo reservations from your computer.

  • eTracking and Tracing

    You can track the location and transportation status. Go to CATS (Cargo Tracking System).

  • Additional Service

    Besides import/export transportation, you can also enjoy our total management services which include cargo insurance, import/export customs clearance and domestic inland transportation services.

  • Logistics Information Center

    You can find a variety of helpful information including: container types and specifications, banks issuing eBL, trade documents, logistics terminology, weight and measurement converter, HS codes, domestic and international harbor information, and shipping information by nation.